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總監文摘: 離開是為了回來


Whats the feeling working in musical tour? Feel freedom while travelling? Well, at first, yes... a bit


Near all school exam period, I could arrange my schedule luckily, leaving Hong Kong for fresh air, play music.

But that mean I gonna miss students and schools performance, that I have been prepared with them for an year.


Receiving photos and videos from parents and teachers, thanks for all afford in arranging opportunities to students, chance to learn, growth and interest in percussion.


I am so proud of all students, from kindergarten to high school, their brave to provide and share what they have learn to the society.

Especially the committees of HC percussion club, arranged the first percussion recital on July, all by their own! I did nothing but teach and give advice

Good show guys!



Congrats all students passed ABRSM exam this semester, four more grade 8 students getting closer to their profession.


Thank you teachers and partners Wing, Box, Mui, Benny, Winnie, Enoch, Rachel, all school teachers, administrators and more, in cooperate for everything, it not gonna happen without any one of your support.


Tour is fun, but I realise teaching is so important to me, always happy to growth with students.

It’s hard to find the balance between performance and education, but I am sure I am already a very lucky person to have such life experience:)


Can’t wait to get back an work for GipPercussion Ensemble篋敲擊樂團 次擊薈 summer concert in Aug, with youthGPE, PreGPE. More project coming soon, stay tune



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