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APS: Indian Percussionist in Hong Kong

Asian Percussionist Series 2019 July 17

It was a wonderful day when I landed at the airport of Hong Hong. That smell of delicious food in the air is unforgettable.

The first sight was, I saw everywhere beautiful small kids carried by most of the people there, then I got to know the population of kids are very high in china and Hong Kong :)

Where language fails music speaks!! Its a famous words by "Hans Christian Anderson". Which truly depicts about the music world across the globe. An artist speaks his own language which is in the form of music connects every heart and soul of each mankind on this earth.

My personal experience at the festival of Gip Percussion Ensemble held at Hong Kong Sponsored by Mr Gip Chan where Artists of different countries like Australia , Taiwan , Philippines including me who were of various cultures and customs came and united and played there music to exchange culture and love on one platform and had a great time learning new experiences.

At the gip percussion concert I was amazed to see how nicely small kids were trained to play in the concert .Its a beautiful country where I went to exchange the percussion's music culture .

I took an indian percussion instrument 'tabla' which highly fascinated the kids and audience and people there..

Some teachings of figure technique and instrument basics was been taught by me to the beautiful people and young artists at gip percussion concert.

It was a mesmerizing view to see the beautiful kids trained under the maestro musicians playing and enjoying with percussion's at Gip Percussion Ensemble. The enthusiasm of the kids and the mentors was highly appreciable. The team and Mr Chan himself made this event a huge success.

Beautiful venue of the auditorium with great percussion instruments designed by the maestro Mr.Gip Chan was a real fun to play .

Although the place Hong Kong itself is one of the great place filled with talented musicians and kids.

Finally I got a day to visit the city firstly went to a biggest musical store 'tom lee' and had a great experience with new gadgets and instruments there.

Later I went to disneyland to explore the fun in the beautiful air of the country. It was an amazing day in Kong Kong,

GPE bringing a change in the country to provide platforms for young musicians and artists.

These kind of cultural exchange programs are considered as great programs which helps musicians and upcoming students to know more about the global music and also helps to connect and grow in different countries across the nation.

This wonderful initiative by Mr Gip Chan Percussion Ensemble helping a large communities in Hong Kong in Schools, Colleges and other Institutions to bring up the great level of music in the country and to educate child to grow big in the field of music industry.

It is a wonderful step taken by Mr Gip Chan who brought new percussion's and cultures to the country.

It will surely HKADC helps to grow and to bring new knowledge of arts and music amongst the people of the country .

This is one of the best ways to connect countries and music across the globe

I wish him all the best !!!!

With Love,

Tanmay Mukherjee

Percussionist and Mentor


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