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Scholarship Winner - James Koo

HKGPE的團員James Koo於2018年獲得了香港賽馬會音樂及舞蹈信託基金的全額獎學金,他隨後選擇到全世界最頂尖之一的音樂學院——伯克利波士頓音樂學院進修敲擊樂。

James Koo, a member from HKGPE won the full scholarship of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund in 2018. He then began his journey of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree and majoring in Percussion Performance from Boston Conservatory at Berklee, which is one of the best performing arts colleges.

「GPE是一個讓我獲益良多的經歷。」James很感激GPE給予他無數的表演機會和美好回憶。GPE不但讓他更了解如何組織社區外展計劃,還幫助了他選擇最適合的曲目。除此之外,James亦學會了如何有效地練習敲擊樂,甚至能夠短時間內學習大量的樂器。 除了音樂成就外,他與GPE其他敲擊樂手建立的友誼也讓他難以忘懷,他們一起共同為敲擊樂努力的回憶將會一直被珍藏着。

‘GPE was a great and humbling experience.’ Recalling his memories of playing in GPE, James had a wonderful time and was thankful for the amazing performance opportunities given to him. GPE not only helped him with understanding how to organize community outreach programs but also choosing the repertoires that fit him the most. James learnt how to practice the percussion effectively and even able to learn large amounts of music at once. Apart from the music accomplishments, the friendship he built with fellow percussionists in GPE is unforgettable too. He cherishes the time they practised the percussion as they fought for the same goal together.

Gip Sir給James的寄語:

James 的專注、沉默而勤勞的性格,均獲得團員肯定。踏上下一個藝術里程碑,是一個小成就,同時也是我們青年團其中一個絕佳例子。祝願繼續成功,期待歸來。

Gip’s message to James:

James has always been hardworking and concentrated in his work. His stable personality had earned recognition from the members of GPE. Gip congrats James for stepping into the next milestone in his music life while hoping his achievement sets inspiration for GPE’s youth league. Last but not least, Gip wishes the best for James and looks forward to his returning.


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